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Varta Experts

For several years, we belong to the exclusive channel specialists Varta batteries. We have the support of the leading manufacturer worldwide and offer the most advanced products in the market. We have the best batteries at the best price and are at the forefront of latest technologies in the world of batteries.

We are Official Authorized Dealer of Varta batteries in Spain.

Why Varta?

las baterias varta son las mejores del mercado en la relacion calidad precio

Varta is one of the leading brands of batteries worldwide. This is largely thanks to its innovative technology, the powerful performance of their batteries and the exceptional service they provide to their customers. With over 100 years of experience, the company owned by Johnson Controls Power Solution, is a leader in lead- acid automotive batteries .

The Varta batteries provide superior reliability and power with less corrosion and superior to other battery efficiency. The result of this combination is a battery with a longer life and lower total cost of ownership.

Major manufacturers in the automotive world as Audi, BMW or Mercedes Varta trust . Similarly , manufacturers of commercial vehicles like MAN , Scania and DAF ; boat manufacturers as Bavarian Yachts, Fontain Pajot Catamaran or Yacht , and the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles as Cleanfix , Jungheinrich or Carrier . They choose to use Varta batteries for its leading products.

Technology Varta Batteries

The wide range of Varta products we have available include:

  • Dynamic Trio: With patented PowerFrame ®, is the best choice for use in automotive standard.
  • Start-Stop AGM: The range of Start-Stop batteries with advanced AGM technology ensures greater fuel efficiency and a very reliable endurance cycles. It is the best choice if your vehicle has the Start-Stop function.
  • Promotive Trio: Combining high durability and extremely reliable performance at a low cost, is the best choice for industrial and commercial vehicles.
  • Powersports: Allows for a lot of applications. The best choice for motorcycles, quads, snowmobiles and jet.
  • Professional: With excellent reliability and the best value in the market for each cycle of charge and discharge relationship is the best choice for caravans and boats.

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