Venta de baterías de arranque para automóvil, coche

Batteries for Cars

We offer a wide range of car batteries from leading brands such as Varta, Fullriver and Optima. We have starter batteries for cars of all ranges and models.

If you do not find the battery you are looking for car or want a quote, please contact us.


The VARTA batteries are characterized by a complete package of high performance as well as maximum levels of quality. We use all our knowledge to continue innovating. In this way, we can continue to provide batteries with high technical performance to ensure more power and reliability, and sets us apart from our competition.

What is the most appropriate VARTA?

Depends on what you ask a battery: a modern high-tech vehicle has more power consumers and thus, increased energy demand. Our range meets all the needs: VARTA START-STOP or VARTA dynamic Trio offer power as also for their vehicle. A VARTA is the right decision for starting and driving smoothly, proof of unpleasant surprises.