Sale of Batteries for all applications

We have batteries for all applications. If you are looking for a battery, select the category to use to go for and look between the different options that we offer, which best suits your needs.

If you need advice, do not find the battery you need or want to request a quote, please contact us.

Starter Batteries

Starter batteries provide the power needed for the combustion engine of your car boot. The motor starting currents requires hundreds to thousands of amperes for a short time. The voltage can not be reduced during the boot process, so that the batteries have a very low internal resistance to start well at low temperatures.

Cyclic Batteries

Cyclic batteries are specially designed to drive profits of the battery is used for a specific period of time and then are loaded. To achieve this kind longest battery life, you should not download them below 50% for lead acid and 20% in the lead-gel.

Stationary Batteries

Stationary batteries are able to store a lot of energy and are designed for applications with a great deal of ongoing work. These batteries are capable of supplying power to a constant power for a long time and have a very long life.

baterias para equipos sai/ups de sistemas de alimentacion ininterrumpida

Insutrial Batteries

We have industrial batteries for most major brands for all applications, from industrial scrubbers or forklift to electric cars or industrial machinery.