Reciclamos nuestras baterías con Ecosteps. Ayudando así al medio ambiente.

Simple, safe and sustainable: battery recycling with ecosteps®

Acting aware and sustainable way for the environment is a fundamental principle and a constant in the business philosophy of ACU.BA.RE. that mark our way of thinking and working worldwide. ecosteps is the lead in the segment of car batteries from which everyone benefits: people and the environment.

ecosteps ® closes the product cycle batteries

An important component of car batteries is lead. In the production of batteries a lot of lead used to protect resources and the environment used. The law states that your car battery must be properly removed when, after several years of use, is useless. So, give your battery used in a collection point ecosteps accredited. Ecosteps recycling initiative ensures appropriate disposal and sustainable recycling your car battery worn. Thus, reuse to ensure 100% of the lead used

Good reasons to choose ecosteps®

  • Reuse of almost 100% of the lead used for used batteries.
  • Saving raw materials helps to protect the environment and resources.
  • With the delivery of your battery to ecosteps, protect the environment and support to WWF.