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We specialize in batteries and accumulators. We have the best brands and are Official Authorized Reseller of Varta batteries. If you have any questions or need help buying a battery, our experts advise you without any obligation.

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Due to the growing energy demands of any vehicle or equipment, make a proper choice in your battery or accumulator is fundamental. Not only because of the cost savings that can mean but also for their safety.

For that reason, not only we offer the widest range of batteries and accumulators on the market, but also advise you in choosing the most suitable battery for your needs , providing cost savings and saving you future problems.

All of our batteries and accumulators are of proven quality. Also belong to the exclusive channel specialists batteries Johnson Controls ( JC Battery Specialists ) and are Authorized Distributor of Batteries Varta. This allows us to have direct support from the main battery maker worldwide.

Whether you need a starter battery for your car, your motorcycle, your truck or tractor, a cyclic battery for wheelchair, his golf cart, toy or platform stairlift, a stationary battery for your boat, your motorhome, your computer data or to accumulate the energy they generate from their solar panels, or an industrial battery for your truck, your scrubbing, your electric car or machinery of your business …

We have the battery you need and can advise! Feel free to contact us.

VARTA: Official Distributor

Varta Official Distributor

We are a direct partner of the worldwide leading manufacturer of batteries, Johnson Controls and belong to its exclusive channel battery specialists (JC Battery Specialists). This has allowed us to be selected as the official supplier of Varta batteries and Optima Batteries.

Through this alliance, we have the direct support of the global leading manufacturer of batteries and batteries can offer the highest quality at the best price.

The Varta batteries are at the forefront of quality, innovation and technology. That has made the most prestigious automobile manufacturers in the market, such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi or Volkswagen, trust the Varta batteries to equip their vehicles.

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Today, vehicles and equipment are increasingly demanding energy needs. This makes it critical to make a correct choice of the battery, not only to save costs and avoid problems, but also for their safety.

For example , years ago, batteries vehicles used primarily for boot operation. However, today, any car has many electronic components ( airbag, power steering, windows, etc … ), which requires the availability of a powerful and robust, able to withstand the demands of battery power. A battery of poor quality or defective could make one of these critical vehicle components fail, with the corresponding threat to security.

With the new start-stop vehicles, these needs increase, as during engine shutdown, the battery is feeding all connected electronics.

If you need a battery, you have come to right place. If you know the battery you need , you can use the form on the page or go to the products page and browse through the different sections to locate it. If, however, need advice, please contact us via any of the means at your disposal. Our experts will advise and help out with questions you may have.

In addition, all batteries have a where you can request more information or selected product budget contact form.